Rterm.exe - Entry Point Not Found

I am running R 4.1.3 and have installed igraph 1.3.4 from CRAN using install.packages("igraph")
. The installation went smoothly.

The problem comes when I try to load the package. As soon as I try to run library(igraph)
I get a popup error with the same title as this post, and a body of
“The procedure entry point quadmath_snprintf could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Users\Christopher\Documents\R\win-library\4.1\igraph\libs\x64\igraph.dll.”

Thank you for any and all help

Is this the official R downloaded from https://www.r-project.org/ or an alternative version (like Anaconda R or Microsoft R Open)?

I think the issue is that I have both installed on my system. I have the official R installed and that is version 4.1.0. Then I am working in an anaconda environment that has 4.1.3 installed, and that is where I am working in the above screenshot.

Okay, that’s the reason then. You cannot take igraph compiled for CRAN R and use it in Anaconda R. igraph in the CRAN R distribution requires that Rlapack.dll provides a function named quadmath_snprintf, which is not present in Anaconda R for some reason. You need to install igraph for Anaconda R from conda-forge instead; see R Igraph :: Anaconda.org . This version is compiled with and for Anaconda R so presumably it will work without problems. (We do not officially support Anaconda R).

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