quadmath_snprintf could not be located - secure AWS environment with old CRAN snapshot

Dear igraph team,
I hope that you are well. I was wondering if would you have any advice on the issue of not being able to properly install and load igraph package. I am using the R environment in a secure AWS environment, with limited administrator rights.

The R version is: 4.0.2 (2020 - 06 - 22) and the CRAN snapshot seems to be 2020-07-16, with the package being built by the 4.0.5 version. Do you think that the update of the R environment and CRAN image could resolve the issue or should I be aware of other problems that need resolving? Thank you in advance for your help.

I am attaching the snapshots of the loading and error messages.

This will only happen if you are using a modified version of R. I am assuming that you have Microsoft R Open.

This issue is resolved in the latest igraph version, but to use it with such as old R version, you would need to compile it from sources.

Note that Microsoft R Open has been unsupported for a long time and completely discontinued (the website is gone) since July this year. It is probably not a good idea to continue using it.

Dear Szabolcs,
Thanks a lot for your prompt and informative reply!

Best wishes,