Unofficial binaries of 0.8.0 version for Python

Hi everyone. I’m glad new release of igraph 0.8.0 just came and I want to test a new community detection method igraph_community_leiden() which was added on this version. On recent news it says A new release of the Python interface, incorporating all these improvements is expected to be released in a few weeks. Fortunately, it came on 8th of February on PyPi but unfortunately, I’m a Windows user and I need to download it from unofficial binaries which don’t have 0.8.0 version yet. Are unofficial binaries going to be updated soon?

The version on PyPI now includes binaries for Windows. Please try it and let us know if it worked.

(The instructions on, which mention the unofficial binaries, are not yet updated, but I expect they soon will be.)

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Thanks. I have tested it. It worked like a charm.

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Unfortunately PyPI’s policy is that it is not allowed to update the metadata of a version once it’s been released, so we’ll have to wait until 0.8.1 to remove the statement about unofficial Windows binaries.

will there be an update for conda is still listed as v0.7.1.post7

Yes, it’s a work in progress.

I have now finished the compilation of Windows binaries in conda in a separate PR. Once merged it will provide binaries for Windows, but only for VC >= 14.

Windows binaries of python-igraph 0.8.0 are also supported in conda, once this PR gets merged.