Conda installs version 0.7.1

Hi. When I install python-igraph from conda-forge I get version 0.7.1

conda list
python-igraph             0.7.1.post7      py37h516909a_0    conda-forge

conda update doesn’t help.

pip install --user python-igraph gets python-igraph-0.8.0.

Could you please indicate your OS and whether you use 32-bits or 64-bits? conda-forge no longer supports 32-bits I believe, perhaps that is why you only get the old version?

Sorry I missed your reply. It’s an up to date Manjaro linux, 64 bit.

You can request version 0.8 explicitly, e.g.

conda install -c conda-forge python-igraph=0.8    

Maybe there is a package in your environment that depends on version 0.7.1, and prevented the installation of 0.8?

That worked, thanks! It seems that a few downgrades were required. I doubt they’re significant but perhaps they block the upgrade of igraph?
For the record:

The following packages will be DOWNGRADED:

intel-openmp 2020.0-166 --> 2019.4-243
mkl 2020.0-166 --> 2019.4-243
numpy-base 1.18.1-py37hde5b4d6_1 --> 1.18.1-py37h2f8d375_1

The downgrades should be unrelated; python-igraph depends on none of these (unless there’s some trickery in the Conda package).

Yes, after looking at anaconda forums I’m guessing that conda is looking for some kind of confirmed consistency, which isn’t yet in place between igraph 0.80 and the latest numpy etc.