Tests not found after installation

I just installed igraph using pip3 install igraph-python and the command ran to completion successfully

When I open a python REPL and type import igraph.test as directed on https://igraph.org/python/doc/tutorial/install.html#installing-igraph I get the message

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘igraph.test’

I should add that I am running python 3.8 under mojave.

Have I omitted some step, or is the doc page outdated?

The doc page is outdated – thanks for bringing this to our attention! Right now the preferred way of running the unit tests is to get the source tarball with pip download --no-binary=:all: python-igraph (or by simply downloading them from PyPI) and then run the tests with your tool of choice. python -m unittest discover in the root of the source tarball does the trick.

I will update the documentation soon.

Thanks for the prompt assistance. I’ll give it a try.