"import igraph" does not work after installing with "pip install igraph"

I am trying to install igraph in Python. The installation is successful, but when I import the library using import igraph I get an error

DeprecationWarning: To avoid name collision with the igraph project, this visualization library has been renamed to 'jgraph'. Please upgrade when convenient.

I used pip install igraph, and it says that it successfully installed igraph-0.1.11. I am running Ubuntu 19.04, Anaconda Python 3.7.0.

What should I do?

The package you installed is not the igraph library for network analysis in Python. It is a deprecated version of a Python package, now called jgraph, which provides webGL graph visualization. The Python package for network analysis in Python is called python-igraph.

You can install the correct Python package as follows:

  1. Please uninstall the incorrect package using pip uninstall igraph
  2. Install the correct package using pip install python-igraph.

The confusion is understandable though, because once you have installed the python-igraph package, you can import it using import igraph.

Hope this helps!