Should undefined declaration be removed?

igraph_nonlinear_barabasi_game is declared here:

But it is never defined, the only reference to it is here:

This method was implemented under the name \c igraph_nonlinear_barabasi_game before version 0.6.

Should the declaration be removed?

The implementation is removed in Barabasi game generator rewritten, fixes bug #409346. · igraph/igraph@d224119 · GitHub, when the new implementation was written. Usually, these functions should have been deprecated, but apparently that was not done for this function. For 0.9 we are removing functions that have been deprecated before 0.8 (I believe that was the policy we agreed on @tamas and @szhorvat ?), so the declaration of igraph_nonlinear_barabasi_game can also be safely removed from the develop branch.

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Yes, that’s the policy, and igraph_nonlinear_barabasi_game can safely be removed.

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