Installing igraph 0.7.1 on centos 6.5

Installing igraph-0.7.1 c on centos 6.5 linux
Can you please provide instruction for compiling igraph-0.7.1 (without cmake)

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Why do you want to install version 0.7.1 and not a newer version?

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1.because in cent os I have cmake 2.6 and to compile newer version I need cmake 3.16
2.for my application in windows I’m using 0.7.1 so I prefer they should both have the same version

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Is there any way you can do upgrades? CentOS 6 is not maintained anymore and will have security issues that will remain unfixed. igraph 0.7.1 is over 8 years old, and its hard to find documentation for it. I don’t think it even used Cmake at all. Maybe you can upgrade to CentOS 7 and install the igraph package via rpm? (This igraph-0.7.1-12.el7.x86_64.rpm CentOS 7 Download seems to suggest that’s possible)

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my purpose is to run application using igraph on cent os 6.5 so:
1.I tried to install it on cent os 7 as you recommended but when I copied to sent os 6.5, I’m missing libraries(see attached pic)
2.libigraph 0.7.1 doesn’t use cmake the cmake started with igraph 0.9
so can you please provide instruction for compiling igraph 0.8.5 on linux (the last version without cmake)?


I wouldn’t start copying over libraries compiled for Cent OS 7 to Cent OS 6.

Releases 0.8 and lower used the Autotools build system.

If you download the released tarball from Release igraph 0.8.5 · igraph/igraph · GitHub, you should be able to install it using the typical Autotools process:

make install

Possibly you have to do sudo make install, depending on the install location. You should be able to change the install location by indicating an appropriate --prefix to ./configure.

The release also includes an MSVC tarball that you should be able to use for compiling the project on Windows.

Version 0.7 comes with a configure script generated by autotools, you just need to do the usual ./configure followed by make and make install. Check ./configure --help for available options.

That said you really should not use this old version for any new work, and we can’t offer any support for it. Countless improvements have been made since then, and many bugs have been fixed. Unless you are trying to reproduce results you obtained with this old version many years ago, it is not a good idea to try to use it.

CentOS 6 is extremely old and again it is not a good idea to use it. If you are stuck with it because that’s what your institution provides, it’s a good idea to complain to the system administrator and ask them to install igraph for you, or install a newer CMake so you can build igraph yourself. If that is not an option, you can build and install a recent version of CMake from sources yourself. From personal experience, it is not more difficult than building igraph itself. There are detailed instructions in the readme file that is included in the CMake source distribution.

To avoid any misunderstandings, can you confirm that this question refers to the igraph C library, not python-igraph?

Note that 0.9 has much better support for Windows, and can be built without problems with either MSVC or MinGW, without any additional dependencies.

Thank you very much for all your help!

I took the version from here Release igraph 0.8.5 · igraph/igraph
and did the typical autotools process with no success(see attached pic)

correct, the question refers to the igraph c

Thank You all! I compiled it on cent os 6.5

Where did you obtain the sources from? It looks like you may not be using the release archive found here:

Download the one marked with the red arrow, not the one named “Source code”. The latter is just a snapshot of the git repo’s contents and needs extra work to set up.

But as I said, it is a much better option to install a recent CMake from sources (and easy task that does not require administrator access) and use the latest igraph. Is there any reason why you cannot do this, and why you want to risk using a buggy version? I cannot in good conscience encourage the use of 0.8.

got it and compiled!!Thank you very much!

another 1 question
how can I compile igraph with GMP library support?

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If GMP is installed on the system, it should be auto-detected by the configure script.

igraph 0.9 does not require an external GMP for complete functionality.

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I’m building igraph 0.8.5 because this is the last version without cmake.
GMP is installed (see attached pic)
but it seems from the output of configure that it was buil without the support of GMP(see attached pic)
and also after I ran ldd, not exist as dependency in the list


Why can’t you just compile a recent CMake? CMake is designed to make it easy to do this even on unusual or older platforms, and I have done it many times in order to be able to test igraph.

Thanks for your reply!

I whould like to use cmake but I need to compile it on cent os 6.5.
and there only cmake 2.6
Anyway I manage to compile igraph 0.8.5 with gmp after I installed the dev gmp

Thank you very much!