Dead link in documentation

Taking the opportunity, the link Zachary karate club study, in Documentation, is broken.

Thanks for reporting this! Could you point us to the location of this link in the documentation? We will then correct it.

In igraph and the outside world, both links referring to the Zachary karate club study and igraph’s own graph repository called Nexus are broken.

As an exercise, download the graph representation of the well-known Zachary karate club study from igraph’s own graph repository called Nexus, unzip it and try to load it into igraph .

Thanks for the report! In the future, please report problems on the issue tracker. I moved this report there: Broken links to Nexus in documentation · Issue #438 · igraph/python-igraph · GitHub

Nexus is unfortunately no longer available, so the references to it will be removed.

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I have removed the reference and added a GraphML version of the Zachary karate club graph directly to the documentation.