New python docs

Hi guys,

I recently made two PRs for python-igraph that contained a fair amount of docs. They were merged - thanks for that! - but don’t appear on the doc website because the html pages (for graph generation and analysis) are not linked on the index page.

So I would like to ask you how we should do that. Shall I open a PR on the python-graph repo, or the website repo, or @tamas do you prefer to add the links yourself?


Sorry @iosonofabio, been off the radar for a few days.

Updating the Python HTML docs is a bit problematic at the moment because the docs are always generated from a specific tagged revision of the Python interface, so I would need to make a release to update the docs. This is inconvenient, but hopefully I get around to fixing it from September. I’ll see whether there’s a quick workaround that I could employ.

Okay, I have updated the makefile a bit so I can now deploy any arbitrary commit hash from the python-igraph repo. I just did so with the head revision. At this point I had to realize that we need to re-think how we are linking to the “tutorial” from the homepage – right now the link leads straight to the tutorial chapter and not to the index page so it took me a while until I figured out how to jump to the sections that you have contributed recently. (Also, we probably need to get rid of any references to the now-defunct Nexus graph repository – it is still mentioned here and there in the docs). i won’t have much time to work on this until September, but as we all know everything changes in September :slight_smile:

Fantastic work, thank you. This is not urgent, so September is perfect

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