linegraph in igraph-python

I was hoping to use linegraph to get a graph of nodes becoming edges and vice-versa. But, igraph python version can not find a function called linegraph, though it is explicitly mentioned in the manual. Any pointers will be appreciated. I am using python-igraph version ‘0.7.1’. By the way it exists in R as line.graph . None of line_graph, line.graph or linegraph work in Python-igraph.

Thank you in advance for any pointers.

You can search the documentation here. (See “Indices” link.)

linegraph is here: Note that it is a method of graph objects, not a standalone function.

Is there any reason why you want to use such an outdated version instead of the latest, much improved one? 0.8.3 is available in PyPI as well as conda-forge. Installation instructions are here: python-igraph manual