How to use igraph_barabasi_game() from phyton-igraph in Google Colab

I need to use the method igraph_barabasi_game() from phyton-igraph library in the google colab notebook , but i can’t find there.

I’d already install the phyton-igraph using this line:

!pip install python-igraph

and import igraph class (I believe that is a class…) using this line:

import igraph as ig

but when I try to find the igraph_barabasi_game, I don’t find anything…

I tried to write :




but no method with the name appears to me in the notebook.
I’m new using phyton and google colab and Igraph, so I need some help with this beggining…

That function belongs to the C interface of igraph.

Since you are using igraph from Python, look the documentation of the Python interface: