Test wiki suggestions

To use the .out file of a newly added test, I had to call
cmake ..
before calling
cmake --build . --target check
to actually use it. Else it was just being ignored.

Yes, it seems that @szhorvat assumed in that explanation that you already have invocated cmake ... For more details regarding some details in the new cmake build system, please see Draft document for installation with cmake. Eventually these instructions should be included in the repository itself.

Well, the problem isn’t that I have to do cmake .. once, I did that, and it worked fine with repeatedly adding tests without a .out file.

Only when adding an .out file I have to call cmake .. again to include it.

Thanks for the note! Keep the suggestions coming.

I added this to the wiki page.

CMake is usually automatically re-run, but apparently not in this specific situation.

Right, I misunderstood, good point!

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