Question for the numbers behind the edges

Hello, I have a question regarding the igraph’s graph strcuture.

for example, I created a network with 100 nodes, and the names for the nodes are just 1,2…100, It looks like the node 94 has edges with 56,69,75,85, however, there are still number behind, which are 50, 63, 69,77, I’m kind of confused about the meaning of the numbers. Could I ask what the numbers stand for? Thanks so much!

Can’t you make a small graph and see what the numbers do? Like make a little test graph with 5 nodes and 10 edges and play around with it and check the results?

and igraph.vs probably means ‘vertex selector’

Thanks for the suggestion and the interpretation of igraph.vs. Conjecture based on small network examples can be biased and wrong, curious why igraph team keep the number behind the nodes and would like to know more.