Layout in social network analysis

I built a social network from the date obtained from un comtrade for crude oil. My code and the result:

plot(network, edge.width=E(network)$importance, layout=layout_, vertex.color = "red", edge.color = "red", vertex.frame.color = "red", vertex.size = as.numeric(V(network)$vertex.size), vertex.label.cex=as.numeric(V(network)$vertex.label.cex))

I want to bring my result to this state. As you can see in the picture, all the dots are equally spaced apart. I use “layout.sphere”, but in this case all the dots are at different distances from each other. But I insanely need a result like in the picture below:

Guys, really need help with this. Stuck on this point, I need each country to be at the same distance from each other so there is no overlap.

You would probably want to explore other layout functions, such as layout_with_kk and layout_with_fr. It looks like you have a rather densely connected network with quite some differences in edge weights, so probably you also want to pass in the edge weights.