Help with a rtweet network visualization

covid retweet network

could someone give me some tips on how to visualize this better

Could you please indicate what interface of igraph you are using? R or Python? You could start by not plotting the labels and decreasing the node size, so that at least the structure of the network becomes visible. We might then be able to advise further. What layout technique are you using at the moment?

It looks like a plot from R, so I tagged it as such. @JamesVU2000 please correct it if I’m wrong.

Yes, it is R. Thank you for the help. How can I not plot the labels and decrease the node size?

You will find most of what you need here:

(Personally I mostly work with the C and Mathematica interfaces, so I cannot give you an answer offhand. This is the page I usually go to to look up how to plot with the R interface.)

thanks for the help. But if there is a quick tip to decrese node size?

@JamesVU2000, this is clearly explained in the documentation referred to by @szhorvat. If there’s anything unclear from that, please let us know, we would be happy to help.