Installation Issue

In the Compilation using the MSVC step, I am getting this errormake: *** No rule to make target ‘msvc’. Stop. I want to compile igraph for CPP programs

In order to be able to comment, we would need many more details, such as:

  • Your igraph version
  • Where you obtained igraph
  • What did you do exactly? Do not omit any step.
  • Your OS, compiler, etc.

I have installed igraph visual studio source code 0.8.3 from the website, for using it in Visual Studio Coder. My OS is Windows 10 and Compiler is the Microsoft C++ compiler. I have followed all the installation steps as given on the official website but got the above error while I entered the “make MSVC” step for the visual studio compilation.

I’m sorry, this is still rather non-specific. As I said, we need to know what you did precisely, step-by-step.

The instructions here for compilation using MSVC (see heading with this title) do not make any mention of “make MSVC”. The previous section, which describes preparing an MSVC project from the full sources does have make msvc (note lowercase!!). However, if you indeed downloaded the source package, you would have run into issues much sooner as there is no configure script included there. Thus I can only guess about what you did, but guessing is not a productive way to solve problems.

If you want to use MSVC, use archive and follow the “Compilation using MSVC” section.

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Thanks a lot!!..The issues got resolved