Increasing the resolution of a plot

I have tried changing the bbox parameter to plot (currently 3000x3000) a largish (5K nodes/edges) to a PNG file or on the display but the resolution I get for the nodes, edges and labels is still quite poor.

What is the way to generate a larger image with higher resolution?

Thank you very much in advance.

What’s the problem with increasing the bbox even more? It does seem to increase the resolution, and for 5K nodes/edges you need a huge picture to show everything. Or does de bbox not increase your resolution at all?

For example: 6000x6000 seems a barely enough for a full graph of 70 vertices and 4830 edges.

Hi @GrooteGnoom (wonderful nickname BTW) :slight_smile:
I was generating a raster PNG file and despite enlarging the bounding box the resolution was very poor.
I then switched to a vector format (PDF) and things are MUCH better.
Unfortunately the RT algorithm while very very nice tends to bunch nodes too much and I am not finding a way to “ask” the algo to move the nodes a bit farther from each other. If you increase the node size it only increases the disk size but the centers of the nodes are at the very same distance from each other.
I am starting to love iGraph but the layout is still not perfect for me.
Thanks a lot for helping

Looking at your picture in Staggering layout to avoid overlapping labels and the algorithm, it seems like it’s going to be really hard to change the layout to achieve much better results at the most crowded spots :worried:

I’m really not an expert on the layout algorithms by the way (or anything else around here :stuck_out_tongue:), so I’m sort of half-guessing, but it seems like huge pictures or zoomed in vectors is the way to go.

Unfortunately that’s not the case since despite setting the node or the label size, the apex of the edge (the center of the node) gets drawn at a fixed (small) distance.

Thanks a lot GrandeGnomo :slight_smile: