Igraph package in Sublime Text-3 editor

I am using sublime text3 editor for writing c++codes. I have installed igraph version 0.8.3 in my ubuntu 18.04 OS and it was running perfectly through the terminal. Please let me know how to map the package into sublime editor, so as to run the code from the editor itself. Now, while am trying to run, the error “fatal error: igraph.h: No such file or directory”, is shown.

This is really a question about how to set up Sublime Text as a C/C++ IDE. It is unrelated to igraph. It is not impossible that someone here is deeply familiar with Sublime Text, but unlikely.

I suggest you ask on Sublime’s support forum about how to use it as a C IDE (without reference to igraph, which seems to be irrelevant).

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Ok, thanks for the suggestion