IGPlanarEmbedding description


I want to know how exactly the function IGPlanarEmbedding works in iGraph/M.
I found in the repo, a file describing it, but I don’t understand the details.
"IGPlanarEmbedding[graph] gives a planar combinatorial embedding of a graph."
Can someone explain/unpack its functioning?


To learn more about a function, instead of browsing the source code, first look at the documentation. You can open it with IGDocumentation[] and search for IGPlanarEmbedding.


This function returns a planar combinatorial embedding of a planar graph. The “Planar Graphs” section of the documentation gives a brief explanation of what a combinatorial embedding is.


As for how it works, it uses the LEMON graph library, which implements the Boyer-Myrvold algorithm.

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