Examples for igraph-python module

Is there any source or websites to learn the igraph-python commands in examples more practically?

The general documentation of the Python interface of igraph can be found here: python-igraph. This includes a tutorial, a user guide and the full reference of all functionality. Some of the material is still under development, but it should make for a good start. If there’s anything that you miss, feel free to report back here.

I visited those pages but I want some written examples with igraph not just the commands and descrptions.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. There are concrete example codes included in the tutorial for example: Tutorial. If this does not suit your needs, could you explain what you mean by “written example”?

I want to import a graph into the igraph module then, I need to divide the graph into some graphs with different algorithms and methods such as Girvan Newman algorithms and other methods.
First question is that can I divide the graph via these algorithms?
The second is I need so examples to read and use in my code.

The under-development tutorials have some examples for community detection:

See e.g. visualize_communities. These tutorials are written for the development version (to become 0.10), so some minor modifications may be needed to make them work with the released 0.9.

You will also find countless examples through Google, including YouTube videos: python igraph community detection - Google Search

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Thank you @szhorvat .