Cocitation() bibcoupling() and weights

A simple presentation of cocitation () and bibcoupling() functions

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Demostration of fundamental terms of scientometric analysis

  1. What is citing article, what is cited article ?

2)You will learn how to develop relations between articles who to not cite each other

  1. What is co-citation ?

  2. how to use igraph library in R to visualize co-citation Netwroks

For a more advanced take on weights in co-citations and bibliographic coupling, you may want to take a look at this article. The authors (colleagues of mine) suggest that normalising the weights by “fractionalizing” the weights might make more sense in some circumstances. That is, normally, the weight in bibliographic coupling between node i and j is defined as

w_{ij} = \sum_k A_{ik}A_{jk},

where A_{ik} = 1 if node i cites node k and 0 otherwise. With fractionalization, this would be defined as

w_{ij} = \sum_k \frac{A_{ik}A_{jk}}{d_k - 1}

where d_k = \sum_i A_{ik} is the in-degree of node k, or the number of times k is cited in this case.

Perhaps it would be of interest to also support this definition in igraph.

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