Call or run C igraph program from another c++ Program.

Actually, I have two c++ programs(code), the first is C igraph code and the second one is c++ server socket code. And I want to call or run that igraph code using the c++ (server) socket program. When the client sends a request to the server to run that igraph code.
My individual command in Linux for compiling those codes-
For C igraph -

clang++ igraph.cpp `pkg-config --libs --cflags igraph` -o igraph

For c++ Server Socket -

G++ -o server server.cpp
./server ..port number..

If you meant to ask a question, can you please clarify what your question is?

I want to compile igraph program using another c++ program.

Is there any problem that you are encountering using igraph in your own source code? If so, what is the problem exactly? We are happy to help out, but we cannot help if we don’t know what your question is.

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