why is the igraph_write_graph_lgl example commented out?

I was looking into writing a test for igraph_write_graph_lgl, and an example test already exists, but the body is commented out:

Most of the removal was here:

It says it’s because “we don’t have attributes”, but I’m not sure if that means it can now be completely replaced or should not be tested at all.
Should I remove it and start anew?

I don’t know about the reason for commenting this, perhaps @Gabor remembers?

At any rate, the functionality should be tested, so I think you can simply uncomment it and give it a go.

This is the commit that commented it out: attributes rewritten, R interface semi-broken, python interface broken · igraph/igraph@9e022fe · GitHub

There is also a note about attributes: /* This is not used right now, as we don't have attributes */

@tamas Any idea about this?

It was 14 years ago so I don’t know much, but I think that the test case was commented out because we only tested igraph_write_graph_lgl() with vertex (name) and edge (weight) attributes, and Gábor broke something (intentionally) in that commit. But I don’t see any reason why this function should not be tested at all.