Weighted Edge Betweenness

My edge list has 3,330,202 entries. I am running the edge betweenness function with weights, but R Studio is showing a fatal error. However, the function is working fine without the weights. So I have the following question.

Can I get the weighted edge betweenness by multiplying the unweighted edge betweenness with weights?

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Sourish Dutta
PhD Student
Centre for Development Studies
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

No, that is not the same thing.

Please show a fully reproducible example so if there is a problem in igraph, we can fix it. See http://sscce.org/ for guidance.

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Thank you so much! I am using igraph for the first time. I have figured out my problem from your reply in an earlier post.

I have cleaned my weighted edge list. Now the function of edge betweenness is working fine. This help means a lot! All the very best!