Select based on search within vertex attribute (list)

I am trying to use select to find vertices with a value in a vertex attribute, which is a list—basically the opposite of the “in” operation. Also, are the attributes internally stored in Python or c?

Here is a small minimal reproducible code

from igraph import Graph
import random
g = Graph.Erdos_Renyi(n=100, m=25, directed=True, loops=False)
g.vs["list_attr"] = [[i for i in range(random.randint(2,5))] for _ in range(g.vcount())]

id_to_find = 3
#Find vertices with 3 in the list_attr - Is there a way to do this in select (so that it runs in c)?
selected_vertices = [v.index for v in g.vs if id_to_find in v["list_attr"]]