R igraph 1.5.1 won't allow vertex attribute shape beside square or circle?

Directed graph, no weights, just descriptive. Trying to differentiate nodes based on gender (shape) & disease stage(color) M=square & F=circle work fine, need P= diamond or star. The only other shape igraph will recognize is rectangle (I’ve tried them all.) Why is this happening, updated R on Wed, how do I fix? Thank you

## Set node shapes based on GenderP
V(g)$shape <- ifelse(V(g)$GenderP == 'M', 'square', 
                     ifelse(V(g)$GenderP == 'F', 'circle', 'rectangle'))

# Set node colors based on IDL_Disease
V(g)$color <- ifelse(V(g)$IDL_Disease == 700, "green",
                     ifelse(V(g)$IDL_Disease == 710, "red",
                            ifelse(V(g)$IDL_Disease %in% c(720, 730, 745), "orange", NA)))

You did not give a full example to work, and I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I tried the examples from the documentation and they seem to work fine here with igraph 1.5.1:

Do they work for you?

I’m sorry, R is not my primary language, but if there’s an issue we’ll look into it. For that we will need a complete minimal example that demonstrates the problem.