R: how to export data frame with vertex name from ego_extract?

I’ve followed through the example to create ego-size and alter-density measures. When I view the results in R console, I could see the ego-vertex as well as these attributes on the right column. However, when I try to use cbind or as.data.frame to output my result, I only have the ego-size and alter-density outcomes, without the ego vertex. When I check the # of columns of these results, it also shows up as 1 instead of 2 (as if the ego vertex column isn’t a real column).

Could anyone please indicate how I could extract ego-vertex info when I export my data? Thank you very much!

#Generate a sample network
#Extract some ego nets
#View some networks
#Compare ego net size with degree
all(sapply(g.in,NROW)==degree(g,cmode="indegree")+1) #TRUE
all(sapply(g.out,NROW)==degree(g,cmode="outdegree")+1) #TRUE
all(sapply(g.comb,NROW)==degree(g)/2+1) #Usually FALSE!
#Calculate egocentric network density

It appears you are asking for help with the sna package, but this is the forum for igraph, not for sna. Unfortunately, this makes the question off-topic. Perhaps you could try the statnet user group, where people will be much more familiar with sna than here.