Problems with python-igraph on multi-edge graphs.

Plotting a multi edge graph using Pycairo leads to a TypeError. More specific the problem I am having is to plot multi-edge graphs in general. The error is always the same: “VisualEdgeBuilder” object is not subscriptable.

Minimum working example

import igraph as ig

g = ig.Graph()
g.add_edges([(0,1), (1,0), (1,2)])


If I set the autocurve attribute to False the plot is displayed and no error occurs.

Version information


Is there some feature I have to install or settings which I have not set ? As I do not understand why the plotting is not working.

You are using an outdated version that is more than a year old. Have you tested if the problem is still present in the latest version?

Yes this resolved it. Thank you very much.