phyloseq object to igraph for network analysis


I am trying to do network analysis from amplicon sequencing data. My aim is to identify hub species in the network. I am using the below code but spiec.easi step is taking lots of time. Is there any other way to speed up this or can we use any other alternative?

I will be thankful for your time and help.

#For testing reduce the number of ASVs

ps1.stool.otu <- prune_taxa(taxa_sums(ps1.stool) > 100, ps1.stool)

# Add taxonomic classification to OTU ID
ps1.stool.otu.f <- microbiomeutilities::format_to_besthit(ps1.stool.otu)
## Warning: replacing previous import 'ggplot2::alpha' by 'microbiome::alpha' when
## loading 'microbiomeutilities'

otu.c <- t(otu_table(ps1.stool.otu.f)@.Data) #extract the otu table from phyloseq object

tax.c <- the taxonomy information


# In practice, use more repetitions
net.c <- spiec.easi(otu.c, method='mb', # reps have to increases for real data

Many thanks

Could anyone please suggest correlation based command instead of spiec.easi.