Locating tar.gz files igraph 1.4.3


I am searching for the macOS binaries that supports r-release (x86_64) for igraph version 1.4.3. Could someone please tell me where to find the tar.gz file pertaining to this?

The file on github archives for old release does not support installation on my iMac intel computer.


Binaries are not provided by us, but by CRAN. CRAN only creates binaries for the latest version of packages, in the case of igraph version 1.5.0. To install older versions, you must compile them from sources. In order to do this, you need to have the R developer tools. R for macOS - Development Tools and Libraries

Unless you are comfortable compiling software yourself, I recommend using the binaries of the latest version. Are you have any issues with 1.5.0 that makes you want to revert to 1.4.3?