igraph.drawing.MemoryError: out of memory

Using instructions here, for:

ig.plot(g, target='myfile.pdf')

I get

igraph.drawing.MemoryError: out of memory

Anaconda is 64bit, but opening a python terminal is in windows32
The plot is not even large and this occurs.

Can you give a specific (and ideally self-contained) example which triggers this error? There are many pieces of code on the page you linked.

command was

ig.plot(g, target='myfile.pdf')

using ‘.svg’ works

Working ‘.svg’ gives me the desired output even when Cairo returns failures. However, you can see flatness rather than a ‘tree’.

import os
import igraph as ig
import pandas as pd


df = pd.read_excel("u.xlsx")
g = ig.Graph.DataFrame(df)
visual_style = {}
visual_style["vertex_size"] = 100
visual_style["margin"] = 50

visual_style["vertex_label"] = g.vs["name"]
layout = g.layout_reingold_tilford(mode="out", root=[0])
layout = g.layout("tree")
visual_style["layout"] = layout

visual_style["bbox"] = (20000,20000)

ig.plot(g, **visual_style)
ig.plot(g, **visual_style, target='mygraph u.svg')

Are you saying that you get MemoryError when exporting PDF, but not when exporting SVG?

How large is your graph (vertex count, edge count)?

Can you show a complete & self-contained example, that we can run locally to test this? We don’t have the datafile for your example above. Ideally, you would come up with an example that uses a generated graph (e.g. Graph.Erdos_Renyi).