equivalent edges on graph

Hello everyone,

Is there an existing algorithm to find equivalent edges or orbits on a colored/uncolored graph with igraph? If there is not, could you please share some thoughts on this? Thanks so much! Any clue will be appreciated!

This functionality is available in rudimentary form in IGraph/M, the Mathematica interface of igraph, but it hasn’t been ported to other interfaces yet.

There’s an issue for this (for vertex orbits, but edge orbits would be similar):

You can add your vote here.

Thanks so much for your reply!! Could I ask if it is possible to have this implementation with R? By the way could I ask what you mean by ‘vote’? I did not find vote button from the linked page. Should I vote for that?

There’s no vote button, but you can leave a comment, or just add a :+1: to the top post in the issue. If we see that there’s a lot of activity on an issue, we’ll probably do the work sooner.

Personally I’d like to have this functionality, but I just don’t have the time right now.

The first step is to implement it in C. Once that is done, the functionality can be exposed in R easily.

Thank so much, will add thumb and comments!

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