Create graph from knn data

Hello everyone,

I want to create a k-nearest neighbors graph from the information of neighbors (edges) and distances (weights). I have created a simple example:

idx = matrix(c(1,2,5, 2,1,5, 3,4,5, 4,3,5, 5,4,3), 
             nrow=5, ncol=3, byrow=TRUE)

dist = matrix(c(0,0.3,2.6, 0,0.3,2.6, 0,0.2,1.8, 0,0.2,1.6, 0,1.6,1.8), 
            nrow=5, ncol=3, byrow=TRUE)

The first matrix contains in each row the neighbors of each vertex from 1 to 5. The second, contains the distances from each vertex to its neigbors (weights).

Does someone know how to create a weighted graph from that knn data?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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