Crash in rigraph function permute()

I came across a not too small graph (g):

IGRAPH 36ec324 DNW- 613 2883 -- Gamefile tree
+ attr: name (g/c), name (v/c), color (v/c), weight (e/n)
+ edges from 36ec324 (vertex names):

The program crashes after the following code:

sg <- g
tg <- sg %>% get.edgelist %>% .[, 2:1] %>% graph_from_edgelist(directed=TRUE) # transpose graph
E(tg)$weight <- E(sg)$weight
tg <- permute(tg, V(tg)$name) # restore original order of vertices

A smaller subset (128 nodes) sometimes crashes, but not consistently.
Small subsets (32 nodes) work well.

What’s the best way to transfer a graph to other environments for example using a plain text file?

Reproducible example was posted on the issue tracker