Community Detection based on Eigencentrality and Degree Centrality

Even though it is not directly related to Igraph usage, I wanted to ask a question about Community detection.
The first is whether it is possible to detect communities using eigencentrality values. For example, if a vertex v has the highest eigencentrality value then we remove the degree(v) - 1 edge(s) from the graph. (But I am not sure which edges need to be removed) Then we continue the process till we get dendrograms. In this case, I am also unsure where to stop.
Another is doing community detection based on degree centrality. The process would be quite similar to the former.
This is just a claim-like question, and I want to know the opinions of the igraph community. Because, I am new to this field, and cannot determine the feasibility of some methods in the application. Could someone give me a piece of advice or materials that I can follow?