C/igraph 0.10.7

C/igraph 0.10.7 is released today, incidentally exactly 4 years after the launch of this forum. As usual, the source can be obtained from the GitHub releases page.

This is a maintenance release that brings bug fixes, documentation improvements, as well as a few new experimental functions. The full list of changes are below. Updating is recommended for all users.

As a reminder, a Dash docset that can be used with the Dash or Zeal documentation browsers is available for igraph.

Note: The two issues mentioned in the 0.10.5 announcement are still present.


  • igraph_radius_dijkstra() computes the graph radius with weighted edges (experimental function).
  • igraph_graph_center_dijkstra() computes the graph center, i.e. the set of minimum eccentricity vertices, with weighted edges (experimental function).


  • igraph_full_bipartite() now checks for overflow.
  • igraph_bipartite_game_gnm() and igraph_bipartite_game_gnp() are now more robust to overflow.
  • Bipartite graph creation functions now check input arguments.
  • igraph_write_graph_dot() now quotes real numbers written in exponential notation as necessary.
  • Independent vertex set finding functions could trigger the fatal error “Finally stack too large” when called on large graphs.


  • igraph_bipartite_game() is now deprecated; use igraph_bipartite_game_gnm() and igraph_bipartite_game_gnp() instead.


  • Documentation improvements.