Building --with-external-lapack on macOS

Has anyone succeeded in building igraph --with-external-lapack on macOS?

If this is the only --with-external option I use, linking fails:

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "_xerbla_", referenced from:
      _igraphdgemv_ in libblas.a(libblas_la-dgemv.o)
      _igraphdger_ in libblas.a(libblas_la-dger.o)
      _igraphdgemm_ in libblas.a(libblas_la-dgemm.o)
      _igraphdtrmm_ in libblas.a(libblas_la-dtrmm.o)
      _igraphdtrmv_ in libblas.a(libblas_la-dtrmv.o)
      _igraphdsymv_ in libblas.a(libblas_la-dsymv.o)
      _igraphdsyr2k_ in libblas.a(libblas_la-dsyr2k.o)
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64

However, if I use all the following options:

./configure --with-external-lapack --with-external-blas --with-external-f2c --with-external-arpack

then it succeeds. I installed the needed dependencies from MacPorts.

Do some of these options depend on each other, and if yes, if there an opportunity to improve the checks done by ./configure, so problems can be caught early (before compilation)?