adding spanner algorithm

Hi, I would like to add an algorithm to construct a graph spanner using Baswana at. el. randomized algorithm (S. Baswana, S. Sen. A Simple and Linear Time Randomized Algorithm for Computing Sparse Spanners in Weighted Graphs. Random Struct. Algorithms 30(4): 532-563 (2007), doi: 10.1002/rsa.20130).
Would you be interested in such an algorithm?

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Sure, this would be a useful thing to have in igraph.

When you send the PR, can you please give an outline of how the algorithm works, to make it easier for us to review the implementation?

When you ask for the first review, the PR does not need to be fully ready. Feel free to ask as soon as you would like feedback. Even when it is complete and working, we can keep iterating on it step by step.