A function in the igraph package to compute the information centrality of a valued graph?

I am looking for a function to compute the information centrality of a graph. I can’t find one in igraph… It seems strange to me?

Any advice for a beginner?

Thanks in advance !

(I’m a network theory noobie, just looking up some background info). I haven’t heard of information centrality, and also can’t find it on Centrality - Wikipedia, so it doesn’t seem that common. Is it used with different names? I can find articles about it, and apparently this is the original article? Rethinking centrality: Methods and examples. And a definition where I could download the article is here: Centrality Measures Based on Current Flow. And there it says

Theorem 1. Current-flow closeness centrality equals information centrality.

But I don’t think igraph has current-flow closeness centrality either, (and it’s also not on wikipedia)

I see networkx does have it, information_centrality — NetworkX 2.8.7 documentation. Which also links to an algorithm.

Not implemented in igraph yet. Judging from the NetworkX code, it needs the inverse of the Laplacian, which means that it’s probably best if we implement it in the C core. Feel free to file a feature request about it in the issue tracker.

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