Time Zone bug ?

Hello there I would like to know if someone can help me understanding why I’m having this error message while I try to extract some infos:

Here is the details:

System.ArgumentException: standardTimeZoneName not found.
at DMC.iGraph.DataClass.TimeZoneInfo.GetTimeZone(String standardTimeZoneName)
at DMC.iGraph.DataClass.TimeZoneInfo.get_CurrentTimeZone()
at DMC.iGraph.DataClass.TimeZoneInfo.get_Local()
at DMC.iGraph.ChartControl.ucGraphic.GetNotifications()
at DMC.iGraph.iClient.ucDisplayChart.UpdateNotification()
at DMC.iGraph.iClient.ExtractionForm.EndForm()
at DMC.iGraph.iClient.ExtractionForm.iServices_GetTagDataCompleted(Object sender, GetTagDataCompletedEventArgs e)
at DMC.iGraph.iClient.iServicesMain.iServices.OnGetTagDataOperationCompleted(Object arg)

Do i need to change anything in TimeZone windows settings ?

Thank you for your support !

This forum is for the igraph network analysis package. It looks like you may be using some other software. These error message are not coming from igraph.